Alesis V49 Review with Software Demo

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With so many midi controllers on the market, it’s difficult to know which one is the best depending upon your individual needs and preferences.  I recently got my hands on a very popular controller that I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time.  Introducing the Alesis V49! 

This long and slender midi controller sports professional looking, square front piano keys with a few pads, knobs, buttons and wheels along the left.  The keys are not weighted, are made of plastic and are quite light, despite how they look.  In my opinion, the spring mechanism which controls each key is stretched a little bit too tight, causing one to really deliberately push each note for sound to occur.  It is however, the only 49 key midi controller I’ve come across that has the square front professional look.

On the left hand side, each knob, button wheel and pad are illuminated by a cool blue light which looks awesome in a dark studio at night.  Starting at the top, the knobs are easily assignable to control any midi learn parameter inside your DAW or VST plugin.  The buttons below also serve the same purpose.  Below them are the octave transpose buttons, allowing you to access the entire musical range of notes.  Though the buttons are sturdy, you’ll see in the video that they do not respond as quickly as one might expect.  They do work perfectly however with a little patience. 

To the left of the buttons lives two wheels, respectively for pitch bend and modulation.  Though the wheels are a bit on the small side, they have smooth action and feel quite sturdy.  Lastly, at the bottom there are eight soft velocity sensitive drum pads.  Along the back of the midi controller there are only two inputs.  One is for the sustain pedal and the other is for the USB connection, which means this board is 100% bus powered.  That means that there is no additional power wire to plug into the wall!  Therefore, set up and portability are very easy since only one wire is required for operation. 

Though this controller was released to the market in 2014, it still is a major player and can readily be found in music stores, magazines and online retailers around the world.  The thing I like the most about this midi controller is the sleek and simple, elegant design.  It is easy to understand and gives powerful controls in a minimal set up.  The Alesis V49 is a solid option for most personal studio needs. 

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