How Long Does it Take To Learn Piano – Lesson 9

How long does it take to learn piano? That all depends on how good you want to be and what your goals are. For professional musicians, piano is a lifelong pursuit that never ends, always striving to reach the next level of technique and musical creativity. However, for many people, learning to play piano could be as simple as learning to play a few chords at a party to impress your peers.

Here is an EASY progression that will help you do exactly that! It utilizes only white notes and keeps the same hand formation allowing for almost anyone to pick it up right away.

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How To Play Piano Chords Smoothly – Lesson 8

This exercise is made up of two chords played in an arpeggio style. To learn how to play piano chords smoothly, practice the chords in block form as well as the style presented. As you become more familiar and gain mastery, feel free to add movement to the left hand bass part. This will help to drive the song forward and also keep things interesting musically.

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How To Play Piano Chords Smoothly – Lesson 7

This chord progression is simple and only has 3 chords. The way how to play piano chords smoothly is by alternating between just two chords for about 5 minutes being able to recall each hand position very quickly. Visually see the notes and the “shape” your hand forms. Also pay attention to how your hand “feels” going back and forth between the two.

Once the movement from chord 1 + 2 is mastered, then focus on alternating between chord 2 + 3 for another 5-10 minutes. Then and only then should you attempt to play the 3 chords in sequence. Practicing this way will drill the movement into you fingers on a subconscious level allowing you to – play without thinking, which is the ultimate goal.

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How To Play Piano Chords Smoothly – Lesson 6

This lesson breaks down the chord into four notes in the right hand and 1 note in the left. This allows for the left hand to have freedom of movement and function more like a bass player. The four note chords in the right should be memorized first before attempting to put the hands together. Focus on playing the chords smoothly WITHOUT using the pedal.

The pedal sometimes covers up mistakes so be honest with yourself and don’t use it. Make sure you play the right notes and make it sound as smooth as possible. Once this happens, feel free to add the bass and get the right / left hand coordination together. Naturally, you should start to experiment with moving the bass as opposed to just keeping it on the root for all 4 beats. Keep practicing this and then you’ll know how to play piano chords smoothly!

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Piano Keys Notes – Lesson 5

The piano is a combination of white and black keys in a repeating pattern. The musical alphabet is A B C D E F G – this repeats if going up to higher sounding notes, moving to the right. To descend or play lower notes, move to the left and the alphabet goes backwards, G F E D C B A G F E D C B A etc…

These piano keys notes make up a chord progression with the same intervalic structure, moving up a minor 3rd and then descending chromatically (half steps). This is a good beginner exercise that many other exercises will be built upon.

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How To Play Piano Chords For Songs – Lesson 4

This chord progression is part of a popular turn around used in many songs. The one that came to mind while creating it is called “Crush On You” by Lil Kim feat Lil Cease. Note the root movement in the left hand alternating from the 7th to the 3rd. This is very common and should be practiced in ALL keys as it will absolutely be encountered many times while learning how to play piano chords for songs. Even though, the progression only has 4 notes for each chord, note the tension and tasty harmony on the 2nd chord created by the tri-tone located between the middle intervals.

As always practice this in EVERY key to become fluid, carefully constructing the chord based on the correct number of half steps between each note.

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano Chords – Lesson 3

How long does it take to learn piano chords? Well it depends. The chord progression in this video is quite simple and if you follow along, I’m sure you’ll be able to learn it in a matter of MINUTES! It’s a natural human emotion to want success to happen in a moments notice and like any good thing that has worth or value, truly becoming proficient in piano chords does take time.

Taking the first step to learning something is often 50% of the work so congratulations on finding this video and taking ACTION! You’ll find that in time, through learning simple exercises like these, your playing will develop into a usable skill that will serve you well for years to come.

Stay focused, try not to get overwhelmed and enjoy the process. The BEST way to become good fast is through mastery of the basics – NOT sloppily playing through a lot of difficult things.

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How To Play Piano Chords Youtube – Lesson 2

This video breaks down another chord progression in a slow and easy to understand way. There are 4 chords in this cycle but practice going between chord 1-2 then 2-3 then 3-4 then 4-1 before putting them all together. Remember to arpeggiate the chords to learn how the chord SOUNDS, low to high and high to low. Repetition is the key. Once you feel comfortable, try to learn it in some other keys, analyzing the intervals to make sure you retain the same chord structure.

How To Play Piano Chords Smoothly – Progression #1 Beginner / Intermediate

This video breaks down a simple 4 note / 4 chord progression and shows HOW to practice! By breaking down the chords into small chunks you’ll learn how to play piano chords smoothly!

There is also a theory breakdown about half way through that analyzes the chord names as well as the intervals contained within.


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