Rhythm Workout

Quarter, Half & Whole

This is a great book for all beginner readers.  Whether you’ve been playing by ear for years or just starting your musical journey, Quarter, Half and Whole presents the fundamental note values with easy to understand rhythm exercises.  The exercises start very simple with only quarter notes and quarter rests.  The other notes are added gradually with plenty of exercises given to master each new concept.  Clap or play on your instrument with a metronome and you’ll have a solid understanding of the basics of rhythm by the end of this book.

Introducing The Eighth Note

Introducing the Eighth Note continues where Quarter, Half and Whole left off.  Starting very simply, this is a terrific rhythm book for all intermediate students that presents every possible placement of the eighth note encountered in written music.  The figures contained in this book will familiarize you with the majority of rhythms found in music.  At faster tempos, the exercises become quite challenging.

Introducing The Sixteenth Note

Introducing The Sixteenth Note takes you on a wild and exciting ride of rhythm exercises designed to improve sight reading ability.  Written with the high school and college student in mind, each page progresses very gradually in difficulty by drilling every possible sixteenth note grouping that takes place in one beat.  Get ready to unlock the mystery of the sixteenth note and understand it like never before!

Audio Play Alongs