Note Madness

Quarter Note Madness

Hold on to your instrument because things are about to get crazy!  The entire book consists of only quarter notes and quarter rests.  So rhythmically this is super EASY!  This allows your brain to fully concentrate on learning, understanding and memorizing the letter names of the notes on the staff and how they relate to your instrument.  There are no key signatures in this book which means that every accidental is listed individually before each note.  The less common enharmonic spellings like A# and D# will become like second nature!  This is a GREAT warm up for ensembles and can be played together in group settings – transposed for seventeen different instruments!  Order yours today!

Eighth Note Madness

If you thought Quarter Note Madness was cool, wait till you try this!  The first thirteen exercises drill the various accidentals by keeping the songs in the key of C but labeling each accidental next to the note.  Less common enharmonic spellings like A# and D# will become like second nature!  The remaining exercises continue in the same fashion and are improvisations around standard chord progressions like “Autumn Leaves”, “What Is This Thing Called Love” and “Cherokee”.  In group settings, the rhythm section can play the line or comp!

The Clefs

The Treble Clef

The Treble Clef was the very first book written of the musikpak method.  It consists completely of quarter notes, allowing the student to easily learn the letter names of each note on the staff.  The exercises start very easy and gradually introduce new notes, one at a time until the entire staff has been covered, including two ledger lines above and below.  Every beginner reader should practice these exercises.  There are no accidentals. 

The Bass Clef

This book is based on the same concept of The Treble Clef, except written for instruments who read in bass clef.  Easy and to the point, these exercises will have you “walking” immediately.